Organic Colouring Systems

Organic Colouring Systems

Your Specialist for Colour Results without Harsh Chemical Damage
Your Specialist for Colour Results without Harsh Chemical Damage

Why Choose Certified Organics?



Organic hair products are better for your hair, giving you the outcome you desire without all the harmful chemicals found in synthetic products.


Organic hair products are more environmental friendly. Chemicals aren’t just bad for our bodies, but pollute our surroundings too.


Organically produced ingredients are also better for preserving environmental biodiversity.


The gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients can achieve the look you desire, with impact, and the truth of nature.

The Details of the Difference…

Organic Colour Systems
Organic Colour Systems - red hair
Healthy Alternative

The colouring and care products provided in this range have the very highest levels of organic content possible, without compromising the colour intensity and fade resistance. They are designed for all clients who desire the most healthy colouring and care alternatives on the market.

Meet & Exceed EU Standards

These are certified organic colours that meet and exceed the new EU Standards for Health and Safety of cosmetic and hair care products. These products have no irritation to most sensitive clients.

Quality & Excellence

Organic Colouring Systems have achieved this without compromising on quality. In fact, the results in improved hair quality and excellent fade resistance are leading the hairdressing industry.

Free from Ammonia

Organic Colouring Systems have also removed all Ammonia, Ammonia Substitutes, and Resourcinol from their colours, and reduced the use of PPDs to the lowest levels required to achieve the best possible results.

PS: It is advised that if you have had severe reactions to colours in the past, like swelling or weeping (not just stinging and itchiness), then you must have colour patch tests to ensure suitability. Talk to one of our staff to organise this test and discuss the options available.

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