Hair Highlights & Hair Foiling

Hair Highlights & Hair Foiling

Your Central Coast Certified Organic Hairdresser

Organic Hair on Daley’s does a full range of hair highlights, blonding and lowlights.

Quality colour results are a combination of a thorough consultation and quality certified organic products.

Quality Products

Organic Hair on Daley’s only uses quality products the correct product to achieve the desired result, after considering your natural hair colour and the condition of your hair.

Levels of Lift

We have a range of Powder Lift options that can give up to 6-7 levels of lift in virgin hair without damage or over-processing.


We also have gentle protective Scalp Powder Lifts and Organic Powder Lifts that have no ammonia.

Hair Highlights Brown and Ash Blonde


Lift your look with streaks of highlight

Creative Foiling Organic Hair Colouring and Highlights

Creative Foiling

Desired results of different forms

hair tips

Hair Tips

Clean up and freshen your tips.

Full Scalp Bleaching Ammonia Free Organic and Gentle Powder Lifts


Full Scalp Bleach to re-touch roots


Achieve your Desired Look

Balayage hair

Balayage – French for “sweeping” – is a highlighting technique developed in France in the 1970s.

Balayage is applied freehand. This means that a variety of personalised looks can be achieved, from a subtle and soft sun-kissed colour to a brave and bold colour gradation. Even though it is popular, the variety of styles created from Balyage will keep it from being just a fad. It has survived as a versatile technique since the 70s, adapting to create new styles as trends change.

Low Maintenance & Low Cost

The added beauty of Balayage is that you can avoid the problem of regrowth. The colour is best built up over a few appointments to achieve the best blend. Then you can stay fashionable and economical with your usual length between salon visits.

Organic Colour and Care

At Organic Hair & Beauty, you have the added value of organic hair colour which will drastically reduce the damage to your hair that is usually caused by hair colouring. Instead, it’s like a moisturiser for you hair! And we can recommend the best organic shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair at its best.

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Why Choose Certified Organics?

The Details of the Difference…


Organic hair products are better for your hair, giving you the outcome you desire without all the harmful chemicals found in synthetic products.


Organic hair products are more environmentally friendly. Harmful chemicals aren’t just bad for our bodies, but pollute our precious earth too! Organically produced ingredients are also better for preserving environmental biodiversity.


The gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients can achieve the look you desire, with impact, and the truth of nature.

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