Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Keratin Hair Relaxer Treatments Central Coast

For All Hair Types

Unlike chemical strengtheners, Keratin Treatment can be used on bleached, coloured and chemically straightened hair. The hair will also remain frizz free during rain and humidity, making it ideal for Australian climates!


Not a Straightener

Your hair will be straight, however it will still have body, giving it a far more natural look than chemically straightened hair. As an added bonus, it will be in better condition after the treatment than when you started!


Frizz-Free Hair

This treatment was developed in Brazil, using a keratin protein infused into the hair’s shaft, leaving the hair incredibly soft, shiny and silk-like. The results of this treatment are quite simply incredible. Incredible shine smoothness and frizz-free, FOR UP TO 4 MONTHS.


Free from Formaldehyde

Early keratin treatment formulations contained Formalin which, when heated during ironing, is converted to formaldehyde fumes. These formaldehyde fumes are considered to be potential health hazards. GK Hair Global Keratin Treatment does not contain any of these nasty chemicals!

KeraGreen Treatments

Keragreen Hair Relaxing Products - No Toxic Fumes

In our pursuit of health and beauty, we are proud to present this exclusive formulation, non toxic and formaldehyde free, to control frizzy, unmanageable hair, restore strength to weakened follicles and prevent hair loss.

High Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Hair System are of the highest quality available. Our plant-derived keratin and other vitamins and minerals deliver superb benefits to all hair types without any health risks.

Not a Hair Straightening Treatment

It is a complete keratin and protein hair restoration system with fantastic, smoothing results. The innovative formulation and product line will deliver long lasting healthy hair that will improve after every treatment.


Nature’s healing for your hair.

The New Hair Restoration

Keratin & Protein System


Natural and organic active ingredients including essential amino acids, proteins, minerals, and citric acid extracts to moisturise, repair, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair!


KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System is not just another keratin treatment; it is a complex Keratin and Protein Hair Restoration System that will deliver impressive results, time after time…


KeraGreen uses superior natural ingredients and certified organic extracts that won’t expose our clients to unnecessary health risks, or further degrade the planet in which we live.

Our concerns for your beautiful hair extend to concerns for our stylists and your health. We use COMPLETELY formaldehyde-free formulations.

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