Cureplex Hair Repair

Cureplex Hair Repair

The time for breakage is over. Introducing Cureplex.

Cureplex is a dual action revolutionary formulation that creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, delivering stronger, healthier hair.

However gentle the formulation, chemical processes always damage the hair. Strength, suppleness and appearance suffer, leaving hair dry, dull and lifeless. Cureplex is designed to be added to chemical mixtures or used in combination with any chemical hair treatment preventing hair damage before it can even start.


Shields hair from chemical harm with: no change in bleach, colour or treatment application, no modifications in developer % and no barrier against the lifting process. Cureplex is your insurance with hair colouring, bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming, balayage and ombre’.


The Cureplex system incorporates a revolutionary proprietary complex of naturally derived active ingredients and innovative delivery technology, ensuring 100% penetration into the cortex.


The dual action formulation creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones delivering: added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. Hair is invincible with any chemical service with no fear of negative repercussion.

The 3 Part Synergistic System.

Designed to protect during the chemical service as well as maintain hair’s health.
Cureplex-01 The Bond Creator

No. 1 Bond Creator: Intermixed with the chemical service mixture; creates new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure. Improves hair’s strength/elasticity.

Cureplex-02 The Bond Fortifier

No.2 Bond Fortifier: Fortifying Rinse fuses newly formed bonds into the cortex while delivering added hydration and nourishment. Smooths the cuticle layer to create a uniform surface.

Cureplex-03 The Bond Sustainer

No.3 Bond Sustainer: Bi-weekly at home treatment delivers emollients to enhance hair’s suppleness and impart shine.

Hi Lift Cureplex products

At Organic Hair on Daley’s, we are delighted to use this new and revolutionary product in our salon.

If you have brittle, dry and lifeless hair, the difference of this hair repair treatment will be amazing!

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