Hair Cuts & Styling

Hair Cuts & Styling

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At Organic Hair on Daley’s, we believe that the initial consultation is the most important part of the process.

You can be the best stylists, but if you don’t know what your client is asking for,
or that what they would like does not suit them, then it must be determined at this time.

Consultation is truly our key to your satisfaction!

How many times have you gone to the hairdresser, told them what you would like and left with what they wanted to do? How did that make you feel?

Visit us at Organic Hair on Daley’s, Central Coast, for a hairdresser who listens to you and does what is agreed upon!

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We understand that you know your hair best!

Central Coast Hairdresser and Hairstylist

At Organic Hair on Daley’s, our hairdressers understand that you have a great understanding of your hair and how you would like it to look. Our stylists have a wealth of knowledge in what can typically be done and can’t be done, and what efforts will be required to maintain certain styles.

With a detailed consultation between stylists and client we can:

  • LISTEN to your desires;
  • analyse your hair and lifestyle; and
  • advise you responsibly on which options are best.

And for your time between visits, we can show you:

  • how to maintain the agreed style with technique and styling tips; and
  • recommend the correct products for your particular needs.

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Hair Cut Long Straigh Light Brown Hair
Hair Cut Short Red Hair with Slight Curl
Style Cut Long Blonde Hair with Slight Curl
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